Artlist Collection, The Dog and Friends

Cuddly and Sweet

ARTLIST launched in 2000 with “THE DOG”, a highly successful photography franchise from Japan.

THE DOG consists of over 90 breeds and 300,000 images of puppies. The puppies are photographed at unique angles using a fish-eye lens to create a “strange ratio” adorably enhanced image.

Upon launch, THE DOG became a best-selling retail brand with huge success in calendars, postcard books and worldwide promotions with fast-food and packaged good partners. From there, THE DOG expanded into hundreds of products from plush toys, t-shirts, stationery and much more, generating over $520MM in global sales!

Fans can now buy products from Artlist’s animal collection called, “THE DOG and Friends” which includes THE CAT, THE PIG, THE DUCK, THE HAMSTER and THE RABBIT.