Pinwrest Development Group, LLC

PinwrestPinwrest specializes in the development of product lines and applications for isoBLOX™.

isoBLOX™ is a patented impact protection, absorption, and dispersion technology that boasts qualities that make it a better alternative to bulky foams and stiff shells in traditional protective impact gear. The technology is wafer-thin, highly flexible, and impact-blocking. Benefits of using isoBLOX™ in products include product strength, flexibility, breathability, lightweight and low profile style, and unlimited combination of all of those qualities.

The product applications for isoBLOX™ technology are endless. Potential applications of the technology include use in products in the Athletic, Recreational, Police/Military, Medical, and Industrial industries.

Currently, isoBLOX™ is used in the athletic industry, in the following sportswear brands: Wilson Sporting Goods, and STX Lacrosse.

Pinwrest develops, source-manufactures and distributes products for retail under the isoBLOX™ brand and technology.

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